Sunday, December 9, 2012

Startup Resources

As the title suggests the blog has a Resource-Pack-For-Startups. Every founder is looking for the material that would equip him steer his ship better to the charted destination.

Here is a list of valuable urls that have some thought provoking information and experiences related to a situation you may be undergoing.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Petition | Clean up the Indian Olympics Association #cleanIOA |

A petiton by Ashwini Nachappa to clean up our Indian Olympic Association.

Way to go Ashiwini ! Lets get these corrupt babus out of the way.

Anti-corruption startup anyone ?

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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Have been reading about some interesting apps developed by a startup called ideophone today and was quite impressed by the simple ideas that have been converted into usable apps for everyone.

This startup has managed to get some good co-founder team together and they've found the pulse for developing meaningful applications for their audience.

The audience or users in general always use your apps if you have managed to remain true to developing the right set of applications.


I've been following 2 folks (hackers, geeks, techie etc) Jace & Suraj for awhile (since 2003) through their livejournal blog. I've not met or known anyone personally but have been drawing examples from their work and secretly hoping to do better !

They have moved on from writing about mundane things and gone forward to solve some interesting issues through the startup companies that each one has started ! Kudos to both of them.

Startups by each one :
  • Jace => HasGeek which brings geeks,hackers,techies together in the form of events.
  • Suraj => CareerGear which enables high employability from college graduates by high-tech companies.
This brings me closer to the previous blog post referring to Startup Ideas coming from a list of things in your every day life which inspires passion within you.

Startup Ideas

How to get Startup Ideas ? You need to start some where ...

The article from Y Combinator founder- Paul Graham on ideating is refreshing.
The team has set the goals high to mentor groups of startups in various ways.

Ref : How to get Startup Ideas