Thursday, December 6, 2012


I've been following 2 folks (hackers, geeks, techie etc) Jace & Suraj for awhile (since 2003) through their livejournal blog. I've not met or known anyone personally but have been drawing examples from their work and secretly hoping to do better !

They have moved on from writing about mundane things and gone forward to solve some interesting issues through the startup companies that each one has started ! Kudos to both of them.

Startups by each one :
  • Jace => HasGeek which brings geeks,hackers,techies together in the form of events.
  • Suraj => CareerGear which enables high employability from college graduates by high-tech companies.
This brings me closer to the previous blog post referring to Startup Ideas coming from a list of things in your every day life which inspires passion within you.

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